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Integrating directly with blow and injection molding machines, we can provide turn-key machine tending and packaging solutions. By using flexible robotic technology, all of our solutions can be quickly adjusted as production changes.

Machine Tending - Takeout Robot

Built with flexibilty in mind the Takeout Robots are easily reprogrammed as production changes.

  • Integrates directly with blow mold machines
  • Requires a standard 120 volt outlet & airline
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy to operate – simple changeover
  • Can be adapted to any blow mold machine 

Case Packer Robotic Cell

Designed specifically for the plastics industry, this turn-key robotic cell has many features designed to meet the industry specific demands associated with custom plastic parts.

  • Uses a collaborative robot
  • Automated box presentation for unique parts
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Integrates with existing conveyor confingurations
  • Custom tooling for handling a wide range of plastic containers or parts
Cobot box packing line
Robotic case packer for manufacturers


  • Simple user-interface on built-in HMI
  • Track throughput in real-time
  • Different levels of operator access
  • Built-in reject station
  • Stack light for alerts on factory floor


  • Simple changeover of end-effector configurations
  • Indicators verify bottle contact
  • Preprogrammed robot positions