By: Greg Selke | CEO

Many in industry are asking if now is a good time to invest in automation. We think the obvious answer is ‘Yes!’.

Even if we have a slight downturn in the economy, it will continue to be difficult to find reliable workers. And you will need to be ready when demand increases.

One of the best automation investments you can make is one of ONExia’s Robotic Palletizer products. They immediately put your capital to work and provide a strong ROI or Return on Investment. They install quickly and show swift automation success!

Let’s look at some numbers:

Imagine an application palletizing 25 pound boxes at a rate of 6 boxes per minute. If you have a worker moving and placing those boxes on a pallet, that person will have lifted, moved and placed 9,000 pounds of product per hour, or 36 tons during an 8 hour shift! Coal miners in the old Tennessee Ernie Ford song only loaded 16 tons during their shift! That is an injury waiting to happen!

If you spread the cost of our PalletizHD robotic palletizer out over two years, it divides out to a cost of less than $9.00 per hour for a 24-7 operation. If you operate just two 8-hour shifts 5 days a week, it’s about $19.00 per hour. That’s less than the cost of any human worker.

Robotic system integration in pharmaceutical packaging

And don’t miss this: After paying for itself during those two years, it produces free cash flow equal to what you would be paying a human worker! That could be as much as $50,000 per year or more!

Our PalletizHD is less expensive and more dependable than a human worker. And, if you already have a dependable worker, you must have a higher and better use for that person than placing boxes on a pallet!

Start your automation today with a ONExia cobot palletizer.