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Pack Expo East 2024 Show Recap – Introducing the Universal Robots UR30

ONExia’s first show of 2024 was their largest presence at an industry event to date. Featuring 3 palletizers, a case erector and case packer, Pack Expo East attendees saw firsthand how collaborative robots can automate their manual packaging processes without increasing the line footprint. Pack Expo East was also the first chance for North America to see the new Universal Robots UR30 on the show floor!

The first Universal Robots UR30 in the United States

Being a proud OEM for Universal Robots, ONExia was the first partner in the USA to showcase the new UR30. Integrated into the PalletizUR platform, the 30 kg cobot featured a custom gripper palletizing 60 lb buckets.

The new UR30 at Pack Expo East – 30 kg payload cobot palletizer

Unlike other palletizers on display, the PalletizUR is fully collaborative (no caging or guarding required!). It is also portable making the new system a “must have” for end-users looking for versatile solutions to add to their packaging lines.

Paired with ONExia’s Palletizing Software, the new 30 kg payload palletizer requires no programming and can be adjusted for new pallet configurations in minutes.

Also on display in ONExia’s Universal Robots specific booth was the 20 kg payload PalletizUR which offers an active payload of 40 lbs with the ability to stack pallets 96”+ in height!

UR30 cobot arm for high payload at PackExpo East

Turn-key Packaging Automation Using Collaborative Robots

A few aisles over ONExia’s presence continued with a second booth featuring the solutions needed to automate an entire packaging line using collaborative robots.

Utilizing the complete line of collaborative robots from Doosan Robotics, this booth featured a case erector, case packer and palletizer. With different prices points for each family of cobots, a justifiable ROI can be achieved for one and two shift a day operations.

Each solution can be easily added to existing packaging lines individually or combined into a turn-key line with the flexibility to easily adjust for product changes in the future.

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