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Collaborative robots or “cobots” are designed to automate the repetitive within manufacturing processes, working alongside employees without caging or guarding. 

Using internal force monitoring in each joint, the robot immediately stops when a collision is detected creating a collaborative and safe environment for humans to interact with.

Flexible Automation for Manufacturing

Unlike traditional industrial robots that are built into the facility infrastructure and programmed to run a single task, cobots can be easily added to existing production environments and require minimal downtime to repurpose.

  • Easy programming – eliminate downtime during changeover
  • Minimal footprint – no caging or guarding needed
  • Quick deployment – easily added to existing processes
  • Safe design – meet industry approved standards for operation

What industries are collaborative robots used in?

The ease of programming and ability to repurpose has enabled successful cobot deployments in almost every industry imaginable.

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronics
  • Food & beverage
  • Metal fabrication
  • Plastics
  • Pharmaceutical

When to consider collaborative robots.

The term “cobots” has become an industry buzzword with many manufacturers looking into automating manual tasks with robotic technology.

  • Shortage of consistent and qualified labor
  • Increasing labor costs
  • High mix, low volume operations
  • Limited in-house engineering staff

Why work with a collaborative robot integrator?

The quickest path to a successful cobot deployment.

Programming simple pick and place or machine tending application can be easily done using the simplified on-board software within the teach pendants.

The problems arise within “robot cell” or work area.

  • How does the robot interface with existing machines?
  • What if custom hardware is needed?
  • Is this robot safe while handling different objects and payloads?
  • Where do I go for advanced programming support?

With over 10 years integration experience ONExia is your source for successful cobot automation.

Collaborative Robot Integration Services

Servicing the United States and Canada, every turn-key system is designed, built and tested at our facility in Pennsylvania.

  • Turn-key robotic manufacturing cells
  • Application & software development
  • Robotic safety integration
  • Grippers & end of arm tooling
  • 2D & 3D vision system integration


  • Demonstrations of products that are needed for your application
  • Proof of concept where we take actual parts and provide video for the customer to review
  • Detailed quotation of all the components needed for building the robotic cell


  • On-site training and integration of the completed project
  • Warranty troubleshooting and repairs on-site if needed
  • Additional accessories, tooling, and upgrades as applications change
  • Continued support through additional deployments


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