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colaborative robots Machine Tending Cell

Automated Machine Tending with A Collaborative Robot

One of the main challenges hindering the output of manufacturers across the United States is having a consistent labor force to keep up with production demand and tend machines. As the adoption of collaborative robots continues to grow throughout all industries, companies are reviewing the technology seeking new avenues of

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Palletizing robot in manufacturing packing facility.

What is Palletizing?

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, efficiency and optimization are the keystones of success, particularly for small to mid-sized companies striving to keep up with the demands of the market. One aspect of factory automation that plays a pivotal role in achieving such efficiency is palletizing.

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Collaborative Robot Palletizer

Advanced Functionality in Simplified Palletizing Software

Since the first deployment in 2016, ONExia’s robotic palletizing software has continued to evolve with features added through knowledge gained from every deployment and customer feedback. With higher capacity collaborative robots like the Universal Robots UR30 and the FANUC CRX25 now available, previously unachievable palletizing applications can be automated with

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Palletizing robot tending two lines

Tend Two Lines with One Palletizing Robot

Confidently keep up with production changeover on packaging lines with minimal footprint robotic automation. While it seems simple, tending two lines with one collaborative robot to automate palletizing is quite challenging – especially if they have different case sizes with varying rates! Meet the Robotic Palletizer Solution Designed and built

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